I’m new to Guru

I recently co-authored a short article on Jason Padgett, an acquired synesthete and savant, with Berit Brogaard. After sustaining a concussion from a brutal attack, Jason began to see visual imagery associated with mathematical formulas. Our lab’s research found the imagery is generated in the left temporal, parietal and frontal lobes. That’s a surprising result. You can read more about Jason here.

Hear me on NPR

 Synesthesia is a complex condition in which the senses are mixed. In this episode of St. Louis on the Air, I speak with Don Marsh about how synesthesia research might provide insight as to how the brain works.


Take Part in Research

Do you live in Miami? You can help us better understand the human mind by contributing your time! We're always looking for neurotypical participants as well as those with synesthesia, savant syndrome or autism.
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